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Ahsen Tabak's Korendy Skin Care Favorites

I have been dealing with skin problems for many years. Until I met these products. Clean and effective content is very important to me. I have a difficult skin type. Dry / mixed, sensitive and prone to acne. Also, I had intense red acne marks on my cheeks. I eliminated this problem with the acids I used, vitamins C and especially my favorite ingredient, Niacinamide.

I share with you my favorite list of my favorite products that solve these skin problems.Do not forget to apply the sun protection cream I recommend while using these products.. I added not only skin care but also my favorite hair care products to this list. I hope you can complete my long skincare journey in a short time with these products: Ahsen Plate

Korendy her bir markayı ve ürünü özenle seçer. Bu seçim sürecinde ürünleri güvenlik analizinden geçirir ve güvenli ürünleri deneme sürecine alır. Ürünleri kendi bünyesinde uzun bir süre denedikten sonra sadece etkisinden memnun kaldığı ürünleri sizlere sunar.